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"Michael Malgeri has created a series of small books that could change the way an entire generation views individualism, profit-making, and capitalism. The books are easy to read and fun to discuss with children of all ages. They capture the imagination and explain the moral foundations of a free society with just a few words and pictures. Adam Smith and Milton Friedman would have approved!" Joseph Bast, President, The Heartland Institute

"Kids will learn from these. But adults would, too! Should be mandatory reading in Washington." Steve Forbes, Forbes Magazine, on the "Johnny Profit" series

"Johnny Profit bucks convention and takes the labels of guilt and greed out of honest profit making. It shows kids the value of mutually beneficial exchange and the pursuit of wealth. Parents will have a simple and fun way to provide their children a refreshing and alternative way of thinking about what really makes the world turn." Larry Kudlow, CNBC's "The Kudlow Report"

Written by Michael A. Malgeri

Layout and Illustrations by Michael Schultz

Copyright 2012

By Michael A. Malgeri


"Johnny Profit" has a single goal, which is to present the idea to young people that honest profit-making is good. It is written in honor of the vast majority of those businesses, large and small, dedicated to maintaining honesty and integrity in the pursuit of innovation, productivity, mutually beneficial exchange, wealth and happiness for all.

The book is short and uses very simple language in a fictional setting to convey fundamental concepts in an easy to understand bedtime story. The hope is that children will learn concepts such as progress through "ideas," "honest deal making," and "honest profit-making" and fall asleep with a peaceful smile.

Johnny Profit Comes to Kimor

A long time ago on a planet far away, there was a tiny village named Kimor.

Everyone was poor. They used their hands to plant magic peaweed seeds that grew in ONE day. They had no other food to eat.

One morning a stranger arrived with his wife and children. He was greeted by farmer Ben.

"Greetings! I'm Ben. What a lovely family."

"Hi, Ben! This is my wife Jane and our children Robby and Sally. I'm Johnny Profit."

"Welcome to Kimor, Johnny. There is plenty of land and seed to grow peaweed."

Ben led Johnny to a field with a small wooden shack. The Profits had a new home and a place to grow their food.

"Tonight is our village gathering," Ben said. "Please come and meet everyone."

"Thank you, Ben. We will," said Johnny.

The Gathering in the Village

That night Johnny and his family met everyone in the village and had a lot of fun.

After the gathering, Johnny was given a bag of peaweed seed so he could grow food.

The Profits returned to their small shack feeling very happy.

Ben said to his wife Molly, "I really like the Profits. I think they will help make Kimor a better place to live."

Ben Visits the Profits

The next morning Johnny woke up before sunrise to plant his seeds. It was very hard work, but he had to grow peaweed each day to feed his hungry family.

Later that evening, Ben visited the Profits. He thought they would be tired after a hard day's work, but found them singing and dancing.

"Ben! It's so to nice see you! Please join us in our games."

"Oh, Johnny," said Ben. "An old man like me shouldn't be jumping around that much."

"How old are you Ben?" asked Johnny.

"I'm 23 years old. I'll probably die in a few years because my body is worn out from working so hard in my field growing peaweed. How old are you, Johnny?"

"I am 92 years old."

Ben was shocked! How could Johnny look so young? He smiled and thanked the Profits for the fun and games but went home puzzled.

The Shovel and the Deal

One evening, after a long day's work, Ben came upon his son Kal who was singing a song.

"Where did you learn such a lovely tune?"

"Johnny Profit taught me this morning."

"Wasn't Johnny working in his field all day?"

"No father. His field was already planted when I saw him. He told me to come back tomorrow and he'd teach me something else."

Ben was puzzled again. How could Johnny plant so fast?

The next morning, Ben went to visit Johnny. When he arrived he saw that the entire field was already planted with seeds.

"Hi Ben! What brings you here this time of day?" asked Johnny.

"I was worried that Kal was taking your precious time. But it looks like you found a magical way to plant your field much faster than any of us."

Ben wanted to feel as young and as healthy as Johnny.

"I beg you to share your secret with me, Johnny."

"Ben. You are not a beggar," said Johnny. "Ask me another way."

"Uh...I DEMAND that you share it with me!"

Johnny smiled, "Ben, you're also not a bully. But you have something I want, so let's make a deal. Come into my home."

Ben didn't know what a deal was, but he wanted to find out. When he went in Johnny's home he saw something strange. It was a long, strong branch connected to a hole in a flat rock.

"What is that?" asked Ben pointing to the strange object.

"That's what I invented to plant my peaweed seeds so much faster than you. It's called a shovel and it's my idea."

"It takes you all day to plant because you use your hands. I'm finished planting in one hour and the rest of the day I can have fun or invent other things," said Johnny.

Ben was amazed. "Can you make me a shovel too, Johnny? If you do, maybe I'll be healthier and I'll have more fun. Maybe I'll invent things too and live to be 92 or longer like you."

Johnny smiled, "That would be wonderful Ben. I'll make you a shovel but I want something in return. I want to make a DEAL."

"What's a DEAL?" asked Ben.

"It's when we both agree to do something that helps each other. The deal I want is that I'll make you a shovel, and you plant my field for me one day each year."

"Is that all you want for this amazing shovel?" Ben said with joy filling his entire body.

"YEP!" said Johnny. "And please tell all the other families in Kimor that I'll make them a shovel too if they make the same deal with me."

"Why would you do that?" asked Ben. "Why would you be so kind?"

"Because I want to make a profit!"

"What is a profit?" asked Ben.

"A profit is what I get when I make an honest deal with someone. In this case, my profit is the day's work someone does for me when I make them a shovel."

"You see Ben, a long tree branch and a flat stone isn't very useful until my idea put them together to make a shovel."

Johnny continued, "I can use my idea just for myself, but by sharing it and getting something in return, I help myself more AND I help everyone else."

Ben understood. "You are so right Johnny! Your profit is the free time you will have because everyone else will plant your field, BUT everyone else is also better off. Now they only have to work one hour a day instead of ALL day, because they made a deal with you to get one of your shovels."

"Correct, Ben!" said Johnny. "A profit allows everyone who makes an honest deal to have a better life. Profits are good!"

The Rebirth of Kimor

What happened to Kimor when Johnny taught everyone about honest deals and honest profits?

Everyone used the time and energy they saved to become smarter and to create new things. Ben invented a tool to gather peaweed much faster. Soon every family owned one and Ben made his first profits. Tom invented a wheelbarrow and he made profits too.

At night, instead of dragging their weary bodies to bed, the villagers talked, played, danced and sang. Often, groups would gather to trade ideas. Everyone learned from each other.

They built better homes and they discovered new types of food. They even discovered new ways to cure diseases so people could live much longer. Everyone wanted to make a profit and every profit that was made helped everyone else.

The village grew as more children were born. Every child was taught that innovation, honest profits and honest deals were GOOD!

Far in the Future

One morning, in the city of Kimor, the sun was shining on the tree-lined streets. Most people were home reading books, listening to music or getting ready to lie in the sun by the crystal clear stream.

Some people gathered to trade ideas. In a park, a small group was having a picnic by the statues of two of the city's great leaders.

One leader was the great Johnny Profit. No one knew his age, but he looked very young. The other great leader was an inventor and father of 12 children. He was 763 years old. His name was Ben.

The End

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